About Our Company

Keuka Energy is an eight-year-old company whose primary mission has been to demonstrate to the world that wind machines can improve efficiency and cut cost by taking energy from the tips of a propeller blade and not its central shaft.  Our 520-acre research and development facility with full machine shop and fabrication abilities has allowed us to achieve this goal.  After five years of prototyping and development, the “Rimdrive technology has shown promise in numerous arenas. It became readily apparent that it would be an inexpensive source of renewable energy with the horsepower needed to spin the shafts of industry.  What started out as the means of spinning generators took on a new perspective.  Rimdrive’s flexibility in application presented us the opportunity to store that energy to be used as needed to slowly take away our dependency on fossil fuel.  A few years and many prototypes later, we discovered the means—liquid air.