• No Gear Box:  Turbine produces power in wind speeds from 4 m/s through 20 m/s without the use of expensive gear boxes.
  • Weight is Down Low:  The liquefaction system, compressors, generators, etc. do not put pressure on the tower system since they are located at the base of the tower.
  • No Cranes Needed:  There is no need for heavy cranes to install the machines since they are assembled at ground level.
  • Drives up to 36 components:  Each blade can direct drive up to 36 individual components simultaneously.
  • Long Service Life:  100 year service life on totally recyclable marine grade aluminum blades.
  • Easier to Maintain:  The blade lowers to the base on its own power for repairs or maintenance
  • More Powerful:  Blades are more powerful per square meter of blade swept area than existing machines.
  • Less Turbulent:  The semi-open center design creates less downstream turbulence and allows for installation of more units per square mile
  • Scalability:  Stayed blade systems are scalable to multi-megawatt sizes (possibly > 100MW per machine)
  • Less Capital Investment:  Requires much less capital and O & M cost per KW than conventional three bladed machines.
  • Locally Available Components:  All components of the system are locally available in most countries.
  • Flywheel Effect:  The system has a flywheel effect that absorbs wind gusts, eliminating most turbulence problems.
  • No Bird Problems:  Slower operating rpm and multiple blades means no bird or bat kills.

(Lowering Costs)

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